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Sanitary Vessel
Product details

【Sanitary Vessel】


We can provide wide range of Sanitary Vessel applied in

pharmaceuticals, food, chemical and other industries, and provide all kinds of non-standard equipment design, manufacture.



1. Single layer, double layer, three layers of stainless steel structure, according to the user's requirements design stirring system.

2. Material option including stainless steel 304,304 L, 316,316 L and so on.

3. Fully support CIP / SIP, to meet the cleaning validation

4. The outer surface of sandblasting, tank was matte texture, which will help clean and maintain, while reducing light pollution

5. Internal and external surface mechanical / electrolytic polished, Ra up to 0.2μm, to meet the needs of different industries, high-standard container requirements

6. Container accessories including Neumo, Burkert, Gemu and other top quality brands.

7. Complete accessories and interfaces (including tank valve, spray ball, mirror, N / A interface, rupture disc, etc.)

8. Low-temperature vacuum insulation technology, easy maintenance. Light weight, low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation effect, stable performance.

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